About us


Who we are

We are an international provider of research, advisory, consulting and communications services. We combine our expertise, passion and business professionalism to create a difference in the world.

Our mission is to help our clients make decisions, build capacity to implement and communicate change, and deliver bespoke services. Our teams of researchers, programme managers, policy experts and communications specialists help our clients to address today’s most important societal challenges.

We provide expert advice and support to deliver change. Our practical solutions are crafted to make a real difference to the world we live in, however small or large.

Our Vision

To be the leading international research, consultancy, and advisory company, addressing society’s key challenges.

Our Mission

To aid organizations make informed decisions based on actionable insights solutions through our collaborative approach and use of cutting-edge research enabling real-time delivery.


Our Philosophy

Impact driven

Our vision is to raise the impact of research – to ensure that we deliver insight worth sharing. When clients approach us for research, they aren't just looking for data and numbers; they are looking for the action and impact that it brings, to effect real and lasting results that come only from working with us.

Method neutral

We are proud to be method neutral, tailoring bespoke research programs for you from an menagerie of approaches & techniques. Our heritage in B2B and B2C means we are adept at blending qualitative and quantitative research and speaking to hard-to-reach audiences.

People focused

From PhDs in Economics, MBAs, Big Data and everything in between, our people come from diverse backgrounds. We tailor your project team by choosing people with the right skill sets for your projects – allowing you to benefit from our diverse pool of experience.


Our Staff

As one of the reputable providers of research services, especially financial research country, ICG is staffed with a highly trained and experienced professional staff. Our consultants have a unique combination of “real world” experience as economists, researchers, data scientists and M&E Practitioners, along with distinguished academic credentials.

We view our consulting role as one providing the necessary professional and technical information to our clients so that well defined investment policies can be formulated, implemented and evaluated. Our role is to carry out research and advise you on how you can better achieve your goals and objectives through the research. Through industry knowledge, experience, and research, we will help you make informed decisions. We understand the importance of developing and maintaining effective investment programs.

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