Hybrid Research Solutions

Hybrid Research Solutions

We combine research methodologies in order to achieve cost-efficient and time-effective solutions that match each of our client’s specific needs.

Our teams of qualitative and quantitative specialists work collaboratively to design and deliver mixed methodology research that drives results. Our in-house survey and data collection teams, use state-of-the-art software to offer custom-made data collection and visualisation. Our qualitative researchers bring unique insights that help you understand and measure change

Business moves fast. You need a market research partner who can help with carrying out scientific market research to support market penetration.

Market research studies we conduct 

Market Analysis

We carry out market analysis that helps our clients keep pace with the latest trends through an in-depth understanding of the market forces and competitive landscape changes. We therefore carry out:

  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Partner identification and selection
  • Market landscaping
  • Market share measurement
  • Market sizing 

Consumer Research & Insights

Understand the ever-evolving needs of your customers and anticipate emerging trends to best leverage opportunities and win the market. We carry out:

  • Brand insights
  • Market segmentation
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty analysis
  • Concept testing
  • Pricing research
  • Campaign effectiveness and measurement


Competitive Intelligence 

It is important to know what your competitors are doing and identify ways to differentiate and improve your competitive position. This is done by:

  • Competitor profiling
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Competitor activity monitoring
  • SWOT analysis

Virtual Market Research

We have a suite of virtual market research tools that provide our clients with the flexibility to get the best results. We also provide professional moderators for the projects. Through every step, a Fieldwork expert will be there to make sure everything goes smoothly.

We help our clients design and carry out unique and functional web surveys using our advanced techniques.

We offer:

  • Complete designing and programming of the questionnaire
  • Integration of skip patterns, complex routings & other design features
  • Custom screen layout with multimedia files
  • Links to your sample, from a database or from a 3rd-party sample provider
  • Customizable invitation options
  • Full testing opportunities

Sometimes, all you need is a quick survey for PR research.  At ICG we offer competitively priced opinion poll research with a fast turnaround – no need to wait for an Omnibus to come along – and ask as many or as few questions as you need.

Online surveys are generally the most effective, and cost efficient method of collecting quantitative market research data.

We have access to over 50 million people worldwide and can interview a wide range of business and consumer audiences. We know the difference between panel profiles and are constantly finding ways to make sure the data is genuine and good quality.

When focusing on niche audiences, at times they are often not accessible through online panels. When this is the case, we recommend using a telephone approach.

Through this, we can deliver high quality structured data, at a fast turnaround.

We collect detailed and reliable data through our CATI services; our experienced team of interviewers and state-of-the-art technology are ready to take on any CATI research assignment. We have an unrivaled ability to retrieve high quality B2C and B2B data from major and niche markets throughout both Africa and globally.

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