We provide the full range of monitoring, evaluation and learning services, all fully customised to support effective delivery. From building sustainable monitoring systems, establishing robust measures of impact and interactive dashboards for learning, we ensure you pull out key outcomes that shape and define your next steps.

Evaluation services:

  • Outcome evaluation, rigorous evaluation, participatory evaluation, summative evaluation
  • Impact assessment (social impact assessment, fiscal impact studies, cost-benefit analysis, etc.)
  • Data analysis (including qualitative data analysis, quantitative data analysis, and advanced statistical analysis)

We help get your evaluation working for you. Does your staff need a boost in confidence and motivation to collect data? Do you need to refresh your measurement tools or data collection procedures? Did you set ambitious goals in your strategic plan and now need to measure your success at achieving them? We plug in to help build your capacity and keep your evaluation running smoothly.

Our advanced analysis, modelling and impact assessment solutions will allow you to solve your most complex challenges. We can support you with specialised approaches to tackle cost-benefit analysis, appraisals and social return on investment. Using techniques such as benchmarking, we can help identify the foundation for quantifiable assessment and effective practice.

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